Education and Workforce

Employers in Nebraska have the advantage of drawing from a very well-educated workforce. This is because both public and private sector leaders in the state put a high value on education, as evidenced by the many options children, teens and adults have for learning. From high-quality pre-schools and public school systems, to private, faith based and non-traditional schools, colleges, and universities, Nebraska exceeds national education standards.


Of adults age 25 and older, nearly 90% have a high school degree, compared to nearly 85% nationally.

In addition to a nationally recognized kindergarten through high school public education system, Nebraska businesses benefit greatly from numerous public-private partnerships in education. Businesses understand that to have access to a quality workforce, they must be active and willing participants in creating relevant learning opportunities – especially in the area of technology. As a result, many colleges and universities work with the business community to develop curriculum that keeps students on the cutting edge of the industry.

Company-specific specialized education and training can also be offered though many local community colleges.

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