Industry Clusters

body-photo42An industry cluster is a geographically bounded collection of similar and/or related firms that together create competitive advantages for member firms and the local economy. The targeting of economic development programs at industry clusters provides three principal advantages: stronger multiplier effects, enhanced employment growth and promotion of new firm spin-offs.

More specifically, cluster initiatives are organizations or projects that are organized as collaborations between a diverse number of public and private sector actors, such as firms, government agencies, and academic institutions. Cluster initiatives are generally involved in a broad range of activities, e.g. supply-chain development, market intelligence, incubator services, attraction of foreign direct investment, management training, joint R&D projects, marketing of the region, and setting technical standards.

Nebraska’s targeted industry clusters include:

  • Biotech / life science
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Software and Technology
  • Finance and Insurance
  • R&D and Engineering
  • Health Services
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Business Management and Administrative Services

If your company is in one of these targeted industries, there will be some very key strategic advantages if you decide to locate your U.S. presence in Nebraska.

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